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We are very excited to once again work with the Pro Hockey Life national sales team to offer custom Dartmouth Whalers Warrior hockey gloves for players and coaches. The custom gloves are special order and are being sold for a limited time only due to the order lead time. It is not likely they will be offered for sale next season, so this is your one and only chance to purchase them.


Senior Alpha Pro (includes team logo and player number) $152 Available in size 13, 14 and 15.

Junior Alpha Pro (includes team logo and player number) $137 Available in size 10, 11 and 12. 


Online store opens May 13th and will be open until May 30th so that orders will be ready for pick up in time for next season. In addition to the price listed above, there will be a flat rate of shipping of $10 added with a pick up at the Pro Hockey Life store in Dartmouth Crossing as well as a small processing fee for the online store.


PLEASE NOTE ordering can only be done online at the link below, these are not available for purchase or order in-store at PHL Dartmouth Crossing.


Any questions please reach out to Danny Kalfus with the national sales team at



Pro Hockey Life Corporate Sponsorship for Dartmouth Whalers:


Pro Hockey Life has once again shown its generosity by donating $6,000 to the Dartmouth Whalers, which will be used to help defer costs for our members. The partnership also provides each Whalers’ player with cards for five free skate sharpening's and three opportunities during the season to receive a 20% discount off the regular price of eligible merchandise. 


Expectation for all members of the Dartmouth Whalers:


All Dartmouth Whalers teams are expected to purchase any apparel with the Dartmouth Whalers name and/or logo at Pro Hockey Life ( Dartmouth Whalers members are strongly encouraged to make use of the skate sharpening and 20% discount cards and shop for their hockey related needs at Pro Hockey Life. 


The Pro Hockey Life logo will be featured on all Dartmouth Whalers’ communication as well as all team banners and the Whalers Corporate Banner.



Apparel Program Important Rules & Policies

The Whalers has established policies regarding the use of its logo (brand) and apparel that displays the Dartmouth Whalers logo. Teams are required to adhere to these standards.