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November 50/50 Winner Announced

Congratulations to Mia Cole, who was the winner of our 50/50 draw for November!! She is the lucky winner of $10, 375!! A big thank you to everyone who supported our draw this this month!! Let’s work together to make next month’s pot even bigger!!
Nov 26, 2022

One More Week to SAVE on Whalers Items from Staples!

Whalers families - One Week Remaining to Get in on These Great Items!

Update on the Staples Holiday Promotional Offer for Whalers Members (ending November 21, 2022):
Only one week remaining to get in on these 
four popular, hockey related gift items, with special prices for Whalers members. Please remember, these prices depend on bulk orders and this promotional offer will only last until November 21, 2022 .  To meet the minimum orders, we need at least:

  • 8 more orders of the Valhalla Copper Vacuum Insulated Camp Mug (14 Oz)
  • 13 more orders of the 750 ml (25 Fl. Oz) Aluminum Water Bottle With Carabiner with Whalers logo
  • 17 more orders of the 17.5 inch Mini Stick
Good news:
  • We've already met the minimum order requirements for the Buffalo Plaid Fleece Blanket BUT Whalers members can still order more at this price.

Whalers members are encouraged to place an order asap. See Staples link for product listing and details.


Link to order form here: https://whalers.org/…/pa…/3121/CORPORATE-SPONSORS---Staples/



Nov 13, 2022

Team & Individual Photos

November 12, 2022

Sugarsnap Photography Inc will be coming next weekend to take hockey photos of our U7 players!

Pictures will happen November 19th & 20th during scheduled practice times.

- Players who can't make the practice time are more than welcome to pop into the studio and can be photoshopped into the team image.

-price of $32 taxes in (will be collected at time of photos either emt or cash)

-team image is completed on ice 

-photos taken in dressing room 

-turnaround time is approx 2 weeks

-Coach/player/parent photos can be taken as well. Siblings if time allots.


If you have questions, please reach out to the U7 coordinator: ipcoordinator@whalers.org

Nov 12, 2022

Important Message regarding Dressing room #7 (Dartmouth Whalers Equipment room)

Good morning Whalers Coaches
First I want to start off by saying thank you for being part of our great organization.  Coaches are the crucial piece to the success and development of players, both on and off the ice. 
Unfortunately lately we have been having issues with dressing room number seven. We specifically leave this room open so that coaches can have access to something they may have accidentally forgotten, including borrowing a helmet or skates or some pucks, cones, etc. (Note this room is not to supplement your own team pucks or cones, this is for an emergency use only). 
However, since the start of tryouts we had over 200 pucks go missing. Just last week I was informed that someone had gone into one of the coaches bags that is on the ice consistently and leaves their bag in the dressing room with the technical Director. Their custom tracksuit was borrowed and never returned. I honestly hope that this was just a mistake and lapse of judgment. If you were the person that borrowed the tracksuit please return it immediately.
Our hope is to continue to keep dressing room seven open however, if pucks continue to go missing and personal items are stolen, we will have no choice, but to lock that room .
Again, I hope this was  someone forgetting to put things back, so if you have borrowed anything  from that room, please return it.
Best of luck this season and please reach out if you have any questions.
Phil Power
Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Association (DWMHA)

“I’m a hockey volunteer because a young athletes passion for the game deserves my time and commitment"

Oct 31, 2022

Staples Holiday Promotion - Whalers Swag!

Staples Holiday Promotional Offer for Whalers Members (ending November 21, 2022):

As a proud corporate partner of the Whalers, Staples is offering Whalers members fantastic prices on four popular, hockey related gift items.  This promotional offer will only last until November 21, 2022 thus, Whalers members are encouraged to place an order asap.  See product listing below and see Staples link for details. 


·      Buffalo Plaid Fleece Blanket with Whalers logo: $24.60 each with minimum purchase of 30 from the Whalers association

·        Valhalla Copper Vacuum Insulated Camp Mug (14 Oz) with Whalers logo: $24.00 each with minimum purchase of 24 from the Whalers association

·        750 ml (25 Fl. Oz) Aluminum Water Bottle With Carabiner with Whalers logo: $10.30 each with minimum purchase of 40 from the Whalers association

·        17.5 inch Mini Sticks – Single Side Printed Full Cover with Whalers logo for $4.50 each with minimum purchase of 50 from the Whalers association


How To Order: please fill out the required information on the sign-up sheet to indicate your commitment to purchase any of these items. 


If the Whalers receive enough interest (to meet the threshold to receive the discounted price), each person who signed up will be contacted.  Payment will be made to the Whalers and will be required in advance of the order being placed.  These items must be ordered in-store thus, the Whalers will then place / pay for the order on behalf of our interested Whalers members.  Once the ordered product arrives, the Whalers will bring the product to the RBC Centre for distribution.  


Note: These items are already discounted thus, they are not subject to additional discounts through use of the Whalers discount cards.  The discounted pricing of these four items is contingent on the Whalers meeting minimum orders.  


Oct 25, 2022