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DWMHA believes in investing in their coaches and volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any successful minor hockey association and the DWMHA board recently passed a unanimous motion to cover the cost of a criminal record check through a new partnership with backcheck.net   This decision was made to reduce the cost, turnaround time, administrative burden, and to make the entire process much easier for our coaches and volunteers for the 2021-2022 season and beyond. 


If your criminal records check has to be renewed this season (CRC are valid for 3 years and show on your HC Profile) go to http://www.backcheck.net/hockeynovascotia/


PLEASE NOTE - The DWMHA decision covers record checks on a go forward basis. The DWMHA will not be reimbursing for any previous record checks obtained, nor will the DWMHA be reimbursing for checks done at any of the local law enforcement agencies.  The DWMHA’s goal is for this benefit to be permanent thus, over time, most coaches will be able to access this benefit. 


How do I check to see if my CRC is expired


If you have not already done so, you will need to create a new Login for HCR 3.0 as all past logins no longer work in the new system.  To set up a new login profile and link your HCR profile click on the below step by step how to 


HCR 3-0 Guide - Setting Up Your Account (click here)

Once your login profile is set up and your HCR profile is linked, you must be in your HCR profile to see your qualifications

Once you login, in the menu on the left side choose Members.  You will see at the top of the screen circles with Initials, these are the members linked to your account.  The first one is your Login profile, this will not have anything attached to it under Qualifications, this is just for you to login.  The second one with the name in all Caps is the HCR profile that has all your past courses, clinics and CRC's attached.  Go to Qualifications, and scroll down to view them all.  Starting 2021-2022 Season, all updated CRC's will show under the CRC tab, past ones show under Qualifications.

If you are on your mobile device, scroll down to where you see the tabs, general, Schedule, swipe your finger to the left to move the screen over till you see Qualification and then click on it and scroll down

See below for example

For more info on Coach and volunteer certifications, please go to our website and click on Volunteer Certifications under Risk/ Safety on the menu or by clicking here https://whalers.org/l/42/DWMHA/pages/1926/RISK--SAFETY---Coach--Volunteer-Certification-Information/




Sep 10, 2021