Executive Members

Name Email Position
Phil Power president@whalers.org President
Brian MacKeigan vicepresident@whalers.org Vice President
Paul Ross pastpresident@whalers.org Past President
Chris Morrissey secretary@whalers.org Secretary
Chantelle Mahoney treasurer@whalers.org Treasurer
Andrew MacVicar compdirector@whalers.org Director of Competitive Hockey
Pat Kamermans recdirector@whalers.org Director of Rec Hockey
Matt Mahoney novicedirector@whalers.org Director of Novice / IP
Peter Dulhunty developdirector@whalers.org Director of Development
Jim Cormier OpsDirector@whalers.org Director of Operations
Kwabby Oppong riskmanager@whalers.org Risk Management & Discipline
Dorothy Hart communications@whalers.org Director of Communications
Beth MacMullin registrar@whalers.org Director of Registration
Bill Short technical@whalers.org Technical Director