REGISTRATION - How To Register


If you have any question, please contact our registrar Beth MacMullin at


***Online Registration for the 2022 - 2023 Season will open Saturday July 30th at 8:00AM****

Registration Process – How to register

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All player registrations will be done online through the new Hockey Canada 3.0 online registration system. The link for the online registration system for Dartmouth Whalers can be found above by clicking on the Register Now button.

First step to registering this season is to create a new login for HCR 3.0 and then link any player(s) you plan to register for this season.  Any prior logins for registration or E-hockey will no longer work. Below is the link to instructions on how to create a new login and link players to your profile

HCR 3.0 Guide - Setting Up Your Account(<-click here)

We will not be offering an in-person registration this year. All registrations must be done online.  If you require any assistance with registration please reach out to our registrar at

How to Register - DWMHA 2022-2023(<-click here)

****Please Note We offer a multi-player discount on registration fees ONLY,  for families that have 3 or more players registered.  All players MUST be registered with Dartmouth Whalers on the same invoice in order to receive $75 of each registration fee.  When registering, the system will only apply the full discount of $225 (3 players @ $75 each) to the third player.  If there are more than three, $75 will be applied to each player after the third player.


September 5th – Conditioning Camp Cut Off
any players registering after Sept 5th will not be able to add conditioning  
to their registration nor be able to participate in the sessions


September 15th – Competitive Hockey Tryout Cut Off
any players registering after Sept 15th will not be able to add tryouts
to their registration and will be allocated to recreation hockey. 
This includes any players trying out for other outside teams


September 15th – EARLY REGISTRATION Cut Off
(any players registering after Sept 15th will now have an additional
$50 amount to the registration fees currently listed. 


Please note that registration will be closing for the
season at the below listed dates, we will not be
accepting new registrations after these dates
U11, U13, U15 & U18 Levels will close October 31, 2022
U7 & U9 Levels will close November 30, 2022