2021 - 2022 INFO - Conditioning


2021 - 2022 Conditioning Information

Conditioning Session information for 2020-2021 are now posted, click on the divisional pages below for groups and times


September 8, 2021

U9 to U18 times are now posted above each divisional page. Please note we will not be taking request for changing players to another group or time
Also please note the following are still in place until we are notified otherwise by Hockey Nova Scotia
  • Players must complete Covid Pre-screening prior to coming to the rink.  This form must be completed no sooner than 24hr time frame prior to event for each player attending
  • ONE SPECTATOR per player will be allowed at each session and a prescreening must also be done by spectators before coming to the rink. This form must be completed no sooner than 24hr time frame prior to event for each Spectator attending
  • Players are to arrive NO MORE THAN 15 minutes before ice time.  Check in will not begin till 15 minutes prior to ice time start and players are not to enter the rink until that time
  • Players must exit the dressing room/ rink no later than 15 minutes after the end of ice time.
  • Players MUST WEAR A MASK at all times while in the rink. Masks cannot be removed until ice time starts and helmets are put on.
  • Players must enter the rink with gear on
  • Players will be allowed to bring their gear bag into the rink and will be stored in dressing rooms
  • Players must have their own water bottle and must have it filled before arrival at the rink.
  • Parents will be allowed to come in at the U9 & U11 level to tie skates then will need to go back out and check in with safety person
  • Spectators will be allowed to enter 5 min prior to ice time
  • If your player has any symptoms, not feeling well or they answer YES to screening questions, please do not come to rink