RISK / SAFETY - Coach / Volunteer Certification Information

Certification Requirements (Chart format)

The below link to HNS website shows the certification requirements for coaches, trainers, and team managers.



All volunteers during the 2021-2022 Hockey season must complete the online course *HU - Planning a Safe Return to Hockey if you have not done so last season. This is a quick video course that must be completed and takes about 15-20 minutes and there is no cost.  You can sign up to complete this if you have not already done so by logging into your ehockey account and clicking on sign up for a clinic
Criminal record checks 

1. IN PERSON CRC - Criminal record checks - Please note you can apply in-person Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m ONLY at Halifax Regional Police  eadquarters, 1975 Gottingen Street, Halifax.  The cost for this is $30 as there is a memorandum of understanding with the HRP for volunteer service. NOTE - you will have to have VSC (Vulnerable sectors check) done on this record if you position is one that puts you in direct supervision of players under the age of 18. (Which is most people). 
Currently there is a 2-3 week turnaround time (can be sooner, but this is what they are saying).  YOU MUST HAVE A LETTER IN HAND FROM Hockey NS stating you are a volunteer if applying for a Criminal Record Check in person.  The letter can be found HERE  

2. ONLINE CRC -  DWMHA believes in investing in their coaches and volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any successful minor hockey association and the DWMHA board recently passed a unanimous motion to cover the cost of a criminal record check through a new partnership with backcheck.net   This decision was made to reduce the cost, turnaround time, administrative burden, and to make the entire process much easier for our coaches and volunteers for the 2021-2022 season and beyond. 


If your criminal records check has to be renewed this season (CRC are valid for 3 years and show on your HC Profile) please contact registrar@whalers.org so that we can verify you require a CRC either due to not haveing one or the one on file expiring, upon verification you will be send an invite from the MybackCheck system to complete the online CRC and VSC.


PLEASE NOTE - The DWMHA decision covers record checks on a go forward basis. The DWMHA will not be reimbursing for any previous record checks obtained, nor will the DWMHA be reimbursing for checks done at any of the local law enforcement agencies.  The DWMHA’s goal is for this benefit to be permanent thus, over time, most coaches will be able to access this benefit. 

HCR 3-0 Guide - Setting Up Your Account
Once you get your criminal record check returned to you they should be sent directly to Hockey Nova Scotia C/O - Kelly Dalrymple at this email address - kdalrymple@hockeynovascotia.ca  
The email must include;
- Scanned / clear copy of the original CRC with VSC (if applicable)
- Your full name
- Your HC ID number (Log into your Ehockey account (Link below)
- Your DOB if you don’t have your HC ID

NOTE - There is much discussion on if safety people have to have a VSC (Vulnerable Sectors Check).  HNS has ruled that if a police organization will not do the VSC you can pass in your regular CRC.  The letter states you are volunteer and around children that are vulnerable under the age of 18 and it is suggested everyone applies for a VSC with their CRC. It is my suggestion not to get too technical at the police station simply state you are volunteering and that you will be around vulnerable persons, besides you may want to upgrade to a manager or coach etc.  I would hate to have someone have to pay another $30 next season to upgrade etc.


Please do not send in copies of your certificates of completion etc to Whalers board members or HNS.  If you take any course online through hockey University, it will automatically show up on your HCR and if you have all your certifications you are good to coach / volunteer. HNS does approvals approx every week. If you have a Criminal Record Check or Safety level 2, those are the only two things that have to be sent to Kelly Dalrymple at HNS.


Parent Helper: Someone who is listed on the official team roster and is used for assistance with the Two Deep Policy in the dressing room before and after games. Parent Helpers require the Respect in Sport program and a Criminal Record Check (with the Vulnerable Sector Check).

On-Ice Volunteer: Someone who only assists on-ice during practices. These people require all the same qualifications as any other coach on the team. It is recommended to list them as an assistant coach in case they are required on the bench at some time.

Registered players that help with younger age groups on the ice can do so through our On-Ice Helper Policy. These players are not required to be on the team list of the team they help out with. However, they are not permitted on the bench during games.

Bench staff must be at least 16 years of age. To be on the bench, they would require Respect in Sport Coach Level and HU-Safety if required for the level they are on the bench.

Trainers: Trainers are not permitted on the ice for practice other than to tend to an injured player. Teams may list more than one (1) trainer although only one (1) trainer is permitted on the bench in any game.


HCR - Hockey Canada Registry
CRC - Criminal Record Check
VSC - Vulnerable Sectors Check
RIS - Respect In Sport
HU - Hockey University (also called elearning account)
HNS - Hockey Nova Scotia
DWMHA - Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Association
HRP - Halifax Regional Police

Quick links for Certifications

RIS for coaches / team staff (Different as there is a parent only link) - https://hns.respectgroupinc.com  
To log into your Ehockey account - https://register.hockeycanada.ca/home
HNS Coaching Clinic Schedule - https://hockeynovascotia.ca/coach/coaching-clinic-schedule
NOTE - The first part of your coaching clinics for Intro or Dev 1 /HU Safety /Planning a safe return to hockey /are all available on your Ehockey account (see link above).  Do not search for a date or clinic, simply click on the bottom “sign up for a clinic” then scroll down and you will see the clinics available. 
What does Ineligible mean?
11.14. Any Team Official previously registered on the Hockey Canada Registry(HCR) with any team and was not approved due to lack of the following, Respect in Sport Volunteer Program(RIS), Criminal Records Check(CRC) and Vulnerable Sector Verification (VSV) will NOT be eligible to be registered with any team until these are obtained. This includes on ice or off ice activities. This regulation would not include Team Officials that have been approved in the past but their CRC/VSV have expired. These Team Officials would still have until December 1st to obtain their renewals
Any Bench Staff that is Ineligible after the Dec 1st Deadline are not eligible to be involved with their team or any team until the required certification are obtained, entered on the HCR and changed to Approved.
Only exceptions are for someone who has all qualifications except for a Coach Clinic that they are registered for before the Deadline and scheduled for a date later than the deadline OR someone that has provided a letter to HNS stated they required Fingerprinting for their CRC/VSC and it will extend them for two weeks to have it done and entered on the HCR provided all other qualifications are complete.

Risk Management and Discipline Director
Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Association