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Dominos Pizza Sponsorship for Dartmouth Whalers:


For the 2022-23 season, Dominos has donated player of the game coupons, totalling over $15,500 in value.  Each coupon can be reimbursed at any Dominos Pizza restaurant in the Maritimes for a 10-inch, 1 topping pizza.  These coupons must only be used for players.  Dominos asks that Whalers only redeem one coupon per player / per visit as it prevents undue strain on Dominos supply chain and regular daily operations. 


eg: If you are part of a family with 2 Whalers players then you can redeem 2 coupons at once.  However, Dominos asks that Whalers families NOT try to redeem 20 coupons at once.  Dominos will not redeem more than five coupons at once even if a family enters the restaurant with more than five Whalers players.


In addition, Dominos has provided each team with a set of 25 large pizza coupons for only $9.99 (over 50% off the regular price).  Dominos asks that these coupons be distributed among coaches, managers and parents.


The coupons will be provided to each team’s head coach or manager to distribute to the players, coaches, volunteers and parents/guardians.  The coaches / managers can use their discretion in how they distribute the coupons (e.g.: award a coupon after each game to one player / multiple players or distribute all the coupons to the players at one point during the season).  However, the goal is to have players use the coupons throughout the season thus, please do not wait until the end of the season to give out the coupons.  Coaches / Managers are encouraged to make best efforts to distribute the coupons fairly. 


In addition, Dominos is providing a fundraising offer for interested teams.  Dominos will provide a limited number of fundraising cards to interested teams on a first come, first served basis.  The cards are sold for $10.00 each and provide the purchaser with a gift card that has 16 removable stickers.  When redeemed, each sticker allows a customer to purchase one large Dominos pizza and receive a second large pizza free of charge.  When a Whalers team sells a $10.00 fundraising card, they keep $9.00 and Dominos keeps $1.00.  Any unsold cards can be returned to Dominos without penalty thus, there is no risk to the Whalers team.


Expectation for all members of the Dartmouth Whalers: All Dartmouth Whalers members are strongly encouraged to consider purchasing other Dominos’ food products when they arrive at the Dominos Restaurant to receive their free player’s pizza / discounted pizza.  Dartmouth Whalers members are also strongly encouraged to order from Dominos Pizza for team functions.  Given that there are two Dominos Pizza Restaurants in Dartmouth, it would be greatly appreciated if Whalers’ members could make efforts to support these locations. 


If Whalers teams wish to take part in the Dominos fundraiser, they should contact Jim Cormier (Dartmouth Whalers Board) immediately at


The Dominos logo will be featured on all Dartmouth Whalers’ communication as well as on all team banners and the Whalers Corporate Banner.