DWMHA CONTACT US - Roles & Email Addresses

DWMHA Executive Roles
Name Role Email
Phil Power President president@whalers.org
Brian MacKeigan Vice President vicepresident@whalers.org
Vacant Past President pastpresident@whalers.org
Matt Mahoney Secretary secretary@whalers.org
Melissa Ruginski Treasurer treasurer@whalers.org
Andrew MacVicar Director of Competitive Hockey compdirector@whalers.org
Pat Kamermans Director of Rec Hockey recdirector@whalers.org
David MacKenzie Director of U7 & U9 novicedirector@whalers.org
Peter Dulhunty Director of Development developdirector@whalers.org
Jim Cormier Director of Operations OpsDirector@whalers.org
Ron Watkins Risk Management & Discipline riskmanager@whalers.org
Lacey Cyr Director of Communications communications@whalers.org
DWMHA Paid Roles
Name Role Email
Bill Short Technical Director technical@whalers.org
Beth MacMullin Director of Registration registrar@whalers.org
Deanette Williamson Ice Coordinator  / Central Minor Rep ice@whalers.org
Pat Kamermans Rec Ice Coordinator recdirector@whalers.org
Jackie Kellestine Controller controller@whalers.org
Pete Boutin Referee In Chief referee-in-chief@whalers.org
DWMHA Appointed Roles
Name Role Email
Jeff Pottie Equipment Manager equipment@whalers.org
Krista McNeil U7 Coordinator ipcoordinator@whalers.org
Erin Madden U9 Coordinator novcoordinator@whalers.org
Chris Anderson U11 Rep Coordinator atomrepcoordinator@whalers.org
Kerri Smith U13 Rep Coordinator pwrepcoordinator@whalers.org
Amanda Connors U15 Rep Coordinator bantamrepcoordinator@whalers.org
Brian Bruce U11 Rec Coordinator atomreccoordinator@whalers.org
Brian Bruce U13 Rec Coordinator pwreccoordinator@whalers.org
Scott Rowe U15 Rec Coordinator Bantamreccoordinator@whalers.org
Laurie Ossinger U18 Coordinator midgetcoordinator@whalers.org
VACANT Policy Coordinator Policy@whalers.org
VACANT Financial Assistance Coordinator financialassistance@whalers.org
Christian Hiriart Fundraising Coordinator fundraising@whalers.org
Dylan Blaine Grants Coordinator Grantscoordinator@whalers.org
TBD Safety Coordinator safetycoordinator@whalers.org