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               MARY-BETH CHAULK
                       1989 - 2006

Mary-Beth Chaulk  (AKA- Mur-B, Chaulkie)

Mary-Beth died suddenly and tragically in March, 2006.  She was a true friend to everyone who knew her with an amazing sense of humour and her loss was one felt deeply by the entire community.

She was extremely active in many sports as a skier, swimmer, runner, dancer, cheerleader, ringette and hockey player.  She was a dedicated member of the Dartmouth Whalers community who not only played at the Midget AAA level but volunteered her time for Whalers events, worked time clocks and time sheets and cheered fiercely for her friends and family members from the stands.  

To Mary-Beth, hockey was not just a sport but a religion.  She said hockey taught her many things that she would carry with her in the future- how to be a friend and team player, compromise, leadership, communication skills and community.

Mary-Beth believed that a person could do or achieve anything with hard work and the support of those around them.  Dartmouth Whalers want to honor Mary-Beth’s legacy by supporting as many hockey families as possible. In 2022 DWMHA President, Phil Power, reached out to Mary-Beth’s mother, Tina, and an official Charity was formed in her honour.  


MBC Fund 

What is the Mary Beth Chaulk (MBC) Fund and what are the criteria to be funded?

The MBC fund is designed to help DWMHA families that are experiencing financial hardship through an easy and transparent application process.  This fund is on the honour system and in memory of a great DWMHA hockey player and personality, Mary Beth Chaulk. 


The fund is for ANY level of hockey whether it be Initiation, recreation or competitive.  Funding can only be used for registration and cannot be used for tryouts, conditioning sessions or equipment.  The application process is open between August and October 31st annually for initial registration, we do accept applications outside of this timeframe with special circumstances.  The MBC funding can be applied for more than once in a players career and can also  be in addition to other funding such as Kidsport, Jumpstart, HRM Kids, Hockey Canada Assist Fund, etc.


Parents are asked to fill out the application (see link below) for financial assistance. We ask that all applicants give a short synopsis of why they are in financial hardship and can apply for 25% / 50% 75% or 100% of registration cost funding.


Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


MBC Application 2022 (<-----Click here)