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Please be advised of the following schedule for Recreation Hockey for the remaining part of this week listed below.   By Saturday, all players from U11 - U15 should be placed on a team.  There will be practices scheduled for Sunday, so you will be advised as soon as teams are announced.  Team lists will be posted and you will be contacted by your coach or manager.  

In the meantime, the schedule for the rest of the week is as follows:
WEDNESDAY, October 20th 7p 8P ECV (BOWLES) U13 Rec Practice - Hurricanes
WEDNESDAY, October 20th 8p 9P ECV (BOWLES) U13 Rec Practice - Orcas
WEDNESDAY, October 20th 9p 10P ECV (BOWLES) U15 Rec Practice - Orcas
THURSDAY, October 21st 6P 7P ECV (BOWLES) U11 REC Sharks vs Huskies
THURSDAY, October 21st 7P 8P ECV (BOWLES) U11 REC Dolphins vs Orcas
THURSDAY, October 21st 9P 10P ECV (BOWLES) U15 Rec Practice - Sharks
FRIDAY, October 22nd 7P 8P ECV (BOWLES) U13 Rec Practice - Dolphins
FRIDAY, October 22nd 8P 9P ECV (BOWLES) U13 Rec Practice - Huskies
FRIDAY, October 22nd 9P 10P ECV (BOWLES) TBD
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Divisional Coordinator:
Brian Bruce atomreccoordinator@whalers.org U11 Rec Coordinator
Brian Bruce pwreccoordinator@whalers.org U13 Rec Coordinator
Scott Rowe Bantamreccoordinator@whalers.org U15 Rec Coordinator
Laurie Ossinger midgetcoordinator@whalers.org U18 Coordinator

2021 - 2022 Balancing Sessions Information

Balancing Session information for 2020-2021 will be posted here. We expect dates and times will be confirmed by early October