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Whalers History

Our Logo - Our Name - Our Colours
The Dartmouth Whaler name and Logo were adopted in 1986 with the merger of two associations.  Mr. Wayne MacDonald, president of Shearwater East Dartmouth Minor Hockey Association (SEDMHA) and Mr. Wayne MacLeod, President of Dartmouth Minor Hockey Association (DMHA) both merged their associations into what we now know today as the Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Assocaition (DWMHA).  Both of these men served as joint presidents that first year. 

The name of the new merged association logically had to be Dartmouth but seeing as SEDMHA was the larger and significantly stronger association at the time of the merger; calling the new association Dartmouth Minor was not deemed to be acceptable. Wayne MacLeod suggested the Whalers name after establishing with the Dartmouth Heritage Museum that some of the original settlers in Dartmouth were "Whalers" in the true sense of the word. Note that the Hartford Whalers NHL team were still in New England at the time.  Therefore, the new merged association was registered as Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Association (DWMHA). This is probably the only association in which the team name is incorporated into the association name.
The new association adopted the Hartford/New England colors of Green / Blue and White along with the stylized D  whale tale similar to Hartford Whaler's NHL logo. 

These colors (Green/Blue/White) by the way were and are the colors of Shearwater Minor Hockey Association which was the home arena for SEDMHA when that association was launched in the 60's.

The Dartmouth Whalers only incorporated the green colour into their jerseys for one year before switching to the Blue and Gold of today.

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